17 oktober 2008

detour eller getting stalked by Australians

A1: So what's happening tonight?
F1: Reception and red wine, I assume
A1: Yeah I know, but afterwards?
F1: Huh?
(long silence)
A1: Ey, let's get drunk!
F1: Sounds like a plan!

A2: This is only my first glass.
F1: I'm on my second.
A1: Me too.
A2: I'm getting drunk already.
F1: Me too.
A1: Cheers to that!

F1: I feel weird.
A1: I'm starting to feel drunk in a bad way.
A2: If we don't go out clubbing after this, what could we do?
F1: Let's go to the Tivoli!
A1: Hurray!
A1: But what is the Tivoli?
F1: Amusement park in the middle of the city. Closes in a couple of hours.
A1: Let me get my jacket.

A1, A2, F1 sitter på metron mot centrum.
NZ1: Is this seat free? You're from the same conference as me, right?.
(jada, jada, jada)
F1: Hey, why do I always end up with a bunch of Australians and New Zealanders?
NZ1: Do you know each other from before.
A1: Nah, I stalked her after listening to her presentation earlier today.
A2: Me to.! I love research about Sweden.
(jada, jada, jada)
F1: I feel sick. Have to get off at the next station.
A1: Maybe not a good idea to go to the roller coaster tonight.
A2: Maybe tomorrow.
F1: Maybe.
A2: See you tomorrow.

F1 stiger av metron. Inser att F1 glömt kartan på hotellrummet. Får i sig lite frisk luft. Hittar en buss som går mot centrum. Stiger av vid fel håll plats. Trasslar runt en stund tills F1 hör rop från tivolit. Följer ljuden, stiger in i hotellet som är granne med tivolit.

2 kommentarer:

chris sa...

Imponerande, jag klarar knappt av dricka två dagar på raken längre.

när det börjar sa...

Jag tror att mängderna kan ha något med saken att göra ;)