2 december 2009

så mitt i prick

Guldkornen bland "you know that you are addicted to World of Warcraft when":

You walk into doorframes trying to compensate for lag
In large crowds you jump around waiting for the raid to start
You refer to money in terms of gold
You say "lol" instead of laughing
Say FTW while not playing WoW
You look out the window and think "Those graphics are good!"
When you say gratz when ever somebody does somthing or finishes a job
You're on MSN and you try to reply to your friends by typing "r" or pressing enter when you're in their MSN window
Washing the dishes and see a wierd looking bird out the window and tries to reach for your mouse to hover over it to see what it was
When you enter a crowded room, and prepare for lag

Och ja, jag är med i facebookgruppen

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